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-55 is "invalid work item size". Apparently the OpenCL system you're using does not support a 512 workgroup size.

Originally Posted by SELROC View Post
This on debian buster,
Here's an extract of the program output:

Note: using short, fused carry and fused tail kernels
OpenCL compilation in 616 ms, with " -DEXP=84674341u -I. -cl-fast-relaxed-math -cl-kernel-arg-info "
PRP-3: FFT 5000K (625 * 4096 * 2) of 84674341 (16.54 bits/word) [2018-03-01 19:57:46 CET]
Starting at iteration 0
error -55 (fft4K)
gpuowl: clwrap.h:267: void run(cl_queue, cl_kernel, size_t, size_t, const string&): Assertion `check(clEnqueueNDRangeKernel(queue, kernel, 1, __null, &workSize, &groupSize, 0, __null, __null), name.c_str())' failed.
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