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Originally Posted by ET_ View Post
I would buy a polo or a t-shirt as well. Summer is approaching.
I still have a small handful of that big batch of logo polos I had made up ~15 years ago - the precise color/size list is on the Mlucas README page. I've been using them as carrots for Mlucas-related moneyraising, but I'll offer them here, free shirt for a donation of $100 or more to GIMPS. Mostly smaller sizes left, but if you can't find one to fit you, consider gifting one to the wife. The only thing I need to think about is cost of postage - no big deal within US, but would cost ~$15 per shirt to ship internationally. I suppose $100 donors could reimburse postage via separate paypal to me, but nah - I'll cover the postage as my small contribution to this year's fundraiser.

Perhaps in advance of next year's beg-a-thon we could have one of those professional-swag sites (e.g. make up a batch of similar for us. We'd have to compare pricing to the "manual method" I used for the above - bought a bunch of polos for ~$10 each on eBay, took to a local custom-embroidery outfit. (The latter proved more of an adventure than it should've been - the shop owner mis-rendered the printed logo I gave him as "", ended up having to re-do the entire batch of ~50 polos.)
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