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He was giving a simple code to accomplish the same thing as your proof. Except his version goes straight to (11) in yours, negating the need for, well, your entire "proof". Might I ask why you are "proving" known Fermat divisors? Do you think this will give some unknown insight into Fermat divisors to allow one to predict what unknown divisors are?

It is proof not a "proof". The purpose is obvious, so obvious that I did not mention if: to find a proof that something is a factor with no help of a computer and avoid time-consuming computations as presented by Retina.
In mathematics something computed by a computer is not regarded as a proof. This problem arose with a "proof" of Four Colors Theorem. Many mathematicians regarded this as not a proof because of intense using of computers.
I suspect that my proof of F7 is not best possible i.e. there must be a proof more straightforward, using less computations.

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