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Originally Posted by Citrix View Post
Geoff, so is gcwsieve.exe now faster than multisieve?
For sieving this project with a Pentium 4 it looks like it is :-) Actually, I am sieving with two threads on my 2.9GHz hyperthreaded P4 and getting 475 kp/s total, which is a lot faster per clock than my 800MHz P3 which gets 82 kp/s on the current sieve file.

Unfortunately from Carlos's results it looks like the new SSE2 code is only suited to the P4. Since the only Windows machines I have access to are P4 and Celeron D, I can't really compare to Multisieve for other machines.

If you think there is some way the SSE2 code from gcwsieve can be used in MultiSieve, let me know. I may be able to put it into the form of an external function that could be linked by MSC.

Carlos: In a future version I think I'll use the old SSE2 code in the gcwsieve-amd build and only use the new code in the gcwsieve-intel build.
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