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Originally Posted by chalsall View Post
That was *before* the new Cert methodology, and "optimal" was actually 78.

76 bits is now where we're targeting since the CERT runs take *much* less time than DCs.
Thank you for the confirmation. I am where I need to be. I set GPU72Config to pledge 76 and to option 2, Highest TF level. I am doing this in semi-automatic mode. Assign is automatic but submit is manual. I had issues with Misfit in the past. It is not something I wish to repeat. Keeping it running is the important thing.


I managed to get the 2nd front panel fan back in. With the GPU being in place, it was a simple matter of sliding it past the end. The 90% capacity core reading dropped to 60°C. Dropping the capacity had a minimal affect on throughput. Still above 2800 GHz-d/day. According to GPU-Z, the board power consumption remains around 200W with a GPU load of 85%. It's tight in this case as the image below demonstrates, so heat is a concern.
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