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Carlo Monari
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Default P90 CPU years credits

I noticed that the credits for trial factoring are not homogeneus with the ones for P-1 factoring; it looks like trial factoring credits maybe fifty times more than P-1 factoring. Is that correct, and if yes, why?

I noticed also that in one case prime95 tried to start a LL test with a 1024k FFT, but then stopped because of rounding errors and restarted with a 1280k FFT (The exponent was 20256751). When the test ended, the credit was something more that two P90 CPU years, which means that the calculation was based on 1024k FFT timings, and not on 1280k FFT.
The test ran on a CPU with SSE2; a CPU without SSE2 would have used a 1024k FFT without problems.
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