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If you think there is some way the SSE2 code from gcwsieve can be used in MultiSieve, let me know. I may be able to put it into the form of an external function that could be linked by MSC.

I think this will be useful, I can give it a try. Do you have any fast assembly routines for modular 64 bit addition too? (There are none built into multisieve.) I am working on a new algorithm for this project, where I can replace the multiplications with additions.

Btw, for the 3^16 search, your program says it can calculate 6 million primes/sec. But it takes about 100 sec to do 1 billion. So it is looking at approx 600 million primes per billion. But there are not 600 million primes in a billion, as 1/2 the numbers are even. So where the error in the calculations?
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