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[FONT=monospace]How do I feed the client with more ranges without stopping it? I like the srwork.txt thing you have on the other clients.
I haven't added that feature yet. Unlike srsieve, It should usually be a little faster to start a new sieve job using the latest sieve file than continuing to use the old file anyway. On Linux you can use the batch command to queue up jobs.

How do I turn sse2 on?
For the linux-x86_64 binary it is always on. For the 32-bit binaries it should be detected automatically: Running with the --verbose option will print "Using SSE2 code path" if it is being used. You can force it on with the --sse2 switch, or force it off with the --no-sse2 switch. If it is not being detected automatically then that is a bug.

I am not sure how much advantage machines other than Pentium 4 will get from the SSE2, it may be worthwhile trying both --sse2 and --no-sse2 to see which is faster.
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