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Originally Posted by rogue View Post
It is working as expected. You are deleting all terms for the given sequence. The input file has a single sequence, so there is nothing to output.

A file t17_xxx.prp is created all the time but in this case not. Did you get an output file?

Here is a test with ABCD output:

f:\>srfile_win64 -d primes.txt sieve-sierp-base220-200K-1M.txt -a
srfile 1.0.5 -- A file utility for srsieve.
Read 17421 terms for 1 sequence from NewPGen format file `sieve-sierp-base220-200K-1M.txt'.
Deleted 17421 terms for sequence 27*220^n+1.
Removed 1 sequence with from `primes.txt'.
 Wrote 0 terms for 0 sequences to ABCD format file `sr_220.abcd'.

The abcd file is written but empty

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