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Sorry for never getting back previously, but now I'm back. :)

For now I just went with a dedicated server because there are some inexpensive offers: a 12-core i9-10920X for 78€/month or a 16-core Ryzen 5950X for 99€. Would a spot-instance even be cheaper on a "per performance" basis? I find it hard to compare Xeons to consumer CPUs, but it seems you get more computing power with that dedicated server.

I was a bit sceptical whether those cheaper hosters would like the high demand. I contacted Hetzner's and Active Server's support before ordering and they said it's fine, I just might experience that the CPUs decrease clock speed when overheating. Didn't happen so far.

Comparing the two, Hetzner seems more professional, but Active Servers was also very fast with reacting and offers 24/7 KVM access. With Hetzner you have to book KVM and get assigned a time-slot. They have 30 days cancelling period, so you're not as flexible as with spot instances.

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