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Originally Posted by bur View Post
Ok, thanks. I still don't really understand the whole spot-instance scenario. While it's running, can I just access it via SSH same as a normal VPS? So it would just be like a VPS that gets shut down every now and then and after a while automatically reboots?
Close to correct... But it's a little complicated...

Think of an AWS Spot instance is simply a VPS that is based on some sort of an auction. You signal to AWS how much you're willing to pay for it, and they'll provide the VPS for as long as your "bid" makes economic sense to them.

While that AWS Spot is running, it is just like any other AWS Instance (as in, you can SSH into it, etc). Except, it's much less expensive. And, by definition, it /may/ be shut down at any time. Dead Instance Computing...

Importantly... Once a Spot terminates, it's done. It does not automatically reboot (by default).

Originally Posted by bur View Post
So everytime a termination notice is sent I need a script to run that tidies everything up?
More advanced users of AWS work with that notification option.

But most working with inexpensively interrupted work simply have the code write check-point files regularly, and let the VPS fall out from beneath them without notice. The last state is captured (with a few minutes of work lost) in the persistent storage which is not deleted at termination.

Originally Posted by bur View Post
And integrating S3 storage seems not too easy...
PLEASE don't get distracted by other AWS offerings like S3. AWS has many offerings that glitter...

For anyone starting out in the "Cloud", my best advice is to simply get mprime running, and then scale up from there.

Again... Please reach out if you have any questions on this. It is a very interesting subject domain to me.
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