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An (easy?) solution would be to go to, a complete successful example is at , where as I can see they have moved all yahoo stuffs: all old messages and files. There is even a page for transfer: .
Here a forum/group owner could do what Al Zimmermann has done.
And you have time for this until december 14.

from Al's posts for his own group:
"I have created a group for us at Within the next week I will copy all content (posts, files, etc.) and accounts from Yahoo to the new group. I will then shut down this Yahoo group.
I will send out a message from the new group after the contest and accounts have been copied.
Please do not create you own account for the new group. One will be automatically created for you."


"I'm new to and, since my last post, I've learned a little more about their process for copying a group from Yahoo.
They say that if you already have a account, they will not create a new one."

ps. If you are not admin/creator of both forums (yahoo and at then it is close to a pointless effort (I've seen a *great* example for this rush).
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