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Originally Posted by EdH View Post
Probably due to my CPUs missing (almost) all the valuable flags, I got an error after "make clean NFS=clean USE_SSE41=clean":[code]$ make NFS=1 USE_SSE41=1
. . .
factor/avx-ecm/avx_ecm.h:836:34: error: unknown type name \u2018__m512i\u2019
836 | void vecmul52_1(vec_bignum_t* a, __m512i b, vec_bignum_t* c, vec_bignum_t* n, vec_bignum_t* s, vec_monty_t* mdata);
| ^~~~~~~
. . .

Sorry if I'm a pain. Thanks for all the help.
No worries at all. You just caught me in the middle of other intermediate updates, where I don't even do my usual poor job of checking if things work on other architectures. Try the latest commit now.

Originally Posted by EdH View Post
Revision 2.07 appears to be stuck in a loop:
You got me with this one, no idea what's going on. Maybe some context? Is this a resume or did it run through from scratch? Running on cmd line or in interpreter? etc.
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