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Originally Posted by bsquared View Post
Try the most-recent commit (just now). It is working for me...
Probably due to my CPUs missing (almost) all the valuable flags, I got an error after "make clean NFS=clean USE_SSE41=clean":
$ make NFS=1 USE_SSE41=1
. . .
factor/avx-ecm/avx_ecm.h:836:34: error: unknown type name \u2018__m512i\u2019
  836 | void vecmul52_1(vec_bignum_t* a, __m512i b, vec_bignum_t* c, vec_bignum_t* n, vec_bignum_t* s, vec_monty_t* mdata);
      |                                  ^~~~~~~
. . .
make: *** [Makefile:393: factor/avx-ecm/avxecm.o] Error 1
I also tried without the sse4_1 option and received the same error message.

On a different subject, I'm trying to figure out how to send options in the following script line:
echo "factor(${composite})" | ./yafu
I've tried adding -one and -silent before and after the pipe (at the ends of each command) and inside and outside the quotes, with and without another set of enclosing quotes. Can these be added to the script line, or can I place them in yafu.ini in some manner? I'm using separate copies of yafu and yafu.ini within the working directory where the script is located, so I'm free to modify yafu.ini to be specific. Alternately for -silent, is there a less verbose mode?

Sorry if I'm a pain. Thanks for all the help.
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