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Originally Posted by kar_bon View Post
I've not yet completed the whole changes for the new scripts, especially the automated calling/running of all scripts and need some more time to check and test.
The next 2 weeks I'm on holiday and got more time then.
Thank you very much Karsten for this news !
I think many of us are looking forward to the new page that will allow us to visualize the data in a much more efficient way.
This is how ideas come about.

Originally Posted by kar_bon View Post
Sequences > 140 digits in pink (colour #FFC0CB)
Should there also be a statistics for them like the example?
Personally, I don't need the statistics for sequences > 140 digits and > 120 digits to be separate, as they are all Open End.
But let's wait for the answer from VBCurtis who made this request, his opinion may be different.
This weekend, or over the next week, I will try to add the pink color to the current tables.
So we'll see what it looks like !
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