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Default Using 16e on smaller numbers

I've just finished sieving the log=185.44 122!+1 cofactor with 16e/32LP. 350M relations (295M unique) from sieving 30M-132.4M (because I wanted a multiple of 128 jobs given my cluster) gave a 15.77M matrix at density 124; this is much easier than the 26.1M density-120 matrix that nfs@home got with 365M/291M relations at 15e/32 on the only slightly harder 114!+1 cofactor.

A bit slower sieving per relation
wheat@wheat:/home/nfsworld/factorial/F122p/tt$ cat 16e-22.t
total yield: 35827, q=134010001 (0.69377 sec/rel)
wheat@wheat:/home/nfsworld/factorial/F122p/tt$ cat 15e-22.t
total yield: 16056, q=134009999 (0.61100 sec/rel)
but I think still a win

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