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Here is a paper which gives some numbers for achieved speedups by using "superpages":

(I think the pdf can only be seen by people which have a subscription)

Here some results of memory intensive benchmarks with some impressive examples (together with the average speedups because in most cases the speed increase is <10%):

SPEC benchmark    Speedup by using superpages

vpr                      38.3%
mcf                      67.6%
vortex                   11.2%
bzip2                    14.0%
average for SPECint      11.2%

galgel                   28.9%
art                      12.2%
lucas                    28.0% :cool:
apsi                     82.7%
average for SPECfp       11.0%

and some non-SPEC benchmarks:
FFTW                     54.9% :grin:
Matrix                  654.6% :shock:
They implemented it in FreeBSD on the Alpha CPU.

I think these numbers tell enough to justify any GIMPS-related research in this area - especially as it is available with Linux kernel versions 2.5.36+ and 2.6. Actually (for first tests) it just need a change of the memory allocating and releasing system calls.

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