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Originally Posted by davieddy View Post
I was primarily referring to the fact that the Burmese regime is closer to China that anyone else,
I hadn't known that.

Most of what I've known about Burma/Myanmar was that, for most of my life, it has been the second-largest country (of only three) that had not yet shifted from a traditional system of weights and measures to the metric system (metrication).

and so China might have been more successful in aiding the cyclone victims.
... in view of the joint statement on the framework of future bilateral relations and cooperation ( that China and Myanmar issued in 2000, anyway. After reading all the areas on which they mutually agreed, one might think that emergency humanitarian assistance ought to fit in there somewhere, even though not specifically mentioned.

A sudden, and probably best forgotten, thought: perhaps instead of sending aid, China's having a sympathy catastrophe?

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