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Originally Posted by VBCurtis View Post
I'm at 6000 @ 42e7, calling it quits. I agree that's enough.

I also agree that Gimarel's records plus the two CADO efforts Ed and I put in are easily enough poly select. I'll test-sieve the best CADO and Gimarel's polys in a day or two, and get the job posted to the new 16e-small queue on NFS@home by Saturday.

Ed, that gives you until Wed morning to supply a poly! If you get something within 5% of Gimarel's score, I'll test-sieve it. My poly search will finish Tuesday evening.
My polyselect (size) is scheduled to end before 8:00 this evening, but I could break in earlier, I suppose*. How long do you think my polyselect (root) will take?

Should we see if Max would like to spin any of these?

* I might do some experimentation today while this continues to run, by trying to run a separate machine to work on what I have. But, I really haven't tried this before, so I'm not sure how how to approach it and how it may turn out. Then, again, what are the odds that the best poly would be found in the last few hours of the search?

(Since Gimarel's scores are new records, I'd hate to beat them so soon. But, then again, he does have some others.)
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