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I remember trying to chase it down for quite some time before giving up. I do have a couple still running. Maybe after I get the farm back up to at least near where it was before, I may revisit the Debian issue.

That is the release they moved over to Systemd. (Ubuntu did as well, since they are based on Debian).

The problem with systemd is that it tries to do too much. It also tries to automagically configure everything, Windows style. Also to get the touted fast boot times, aggressive time-outs are used. This essentially makes the exclusive use of journaling filesystems a requirement: since filesystem checks are never given time to complete after an unclean [shutdown]. It also prevents the Ubuntu Live DVD from reliably booting on at least one system. (Sequential loading is actually faster for optical media with horrible (1/3 second) seek times)

The systemd-free fork of Debian is called Devuan. However, it inherited the aggressive time-outs on boot and shut-down. This required me to write a shut-down wrapper script on my "white elephant" machine: since saving mprime state to a USB stick (with BTRFS) was taking over 30 seconds (would lose half an hour of work otherwise).

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