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Il Duce's recent "economic relief" executive orders bring to mind an old George C. Scott movie, The Flim-Flam Man.

The payroll tax deferral is a classic. Being only a deferral, it is at most an interest-free loan -- the government can demand that money later on. But the Con Man-in-Chief has that covered, too. He promises that, if he wins the election, he will make the cut permanent. Never mind the fact that the President doesn't have the authority to do that -- only Congress can. And never mind the obvious question -- if he could do that, why wouldn't he do it now?

Also never mind: The deferral of the payroll tax would cut off something to the tune of 40 billion dollars a month that funds Social Security and Medicare.

Or that, if the cut were made permanent, everybody could kiss any prospect of Social Security or Medicare benefits goodbye.

Oh, wait, WH economic adviser Larry Kudlow says the government would simply borrow the money to make up for any shortfall in Social Security.

The payroll tax cut is being pushed by campaign advisor Stephen Moore, co-founder of the "Club for Growth," an anarchist anti-tax organization.
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