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In case anyone's curious, I finally got all 142 pokemon that were catchable in North America.
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Now to start travelling the world to catch the last few. Gotta catch em all!!!
I still play once in a while. I made some progress towards that goal and got a few interesting stories out of it.

Kangaskhan: Normally available only in Australia, but was available in Anaheim, California from August 18-20. The round trip would normally be doable in a day from where I live, but by the time I found out about the event, I had to be in Boise, Idaho to watch the total solar eclipse. My friends told me that it came down to either catching Kangaskhan or watching the eclipse, and I had to choose quickly.

Not to be deterred, I tried both. I took on the 2200+ mile endurance test on the road and saw a good part of the US in slightly less than three days. By the time I was done, I was awed by the sights I saw and humbled by the immense vastness of the country. It felt like I'd been on an international flight and just arrived from the opposite side of the world.

Oh, and BTW, I did get both Kangaskhan and a cloud-free view of totality.

Mr. Mime (available in Europe): Caught during a trip to Iceland. Everything (food, hotels, gas, etc.) is super expensive there, but the scenery and adventures you can do makes it worth the cost. It felt a bit odd to see the midnight sun (sheep were still actively wandering around at 10 PM), and the noontime darkness (during the solar eclipse) within the span of a few weeks.

Almost all Icelanders can speak fluent English, which is useful since there were a lot of places where the tourists outnumbered the locals. It wasn't like that until quite recently, so I wonder how Iceland will be in a decade or two.

Zapdos (legendary Pokemon): This recently released Pokemon was a bit different. Unlike most pokemon, you had to defeat an ultra-powerful version of Zapdos before you could catch him, and this usually required several people.

One day, I was exploring the state capitol and didn't have my phone on. Soon, I noticed a group of 15 or so people standing aimlessly in a loose circle and checking their phones once in a while. The nearby tourists were oblivious to that group, but I suspected that they may be Pokemon players trying to defeat Zapdos. So I turned on my phone, and sure enough, Zapdos was on the screen. We defeated him, and I caught him shortly after.

Suicune (legendary Pokemon): Like Zapdos, you had to defeat a powerful version of Suicune before you could catch him. I encountered a group of 8-9 people standing next to a church who was also looking to defeat Suicune. We had enough people and enough strong pokemon, but one person in the group wanted us to wait a while until his friend arrived.

None of us were in a hurry, so we agreed to this and chatted for a bit. But after 10 minutes, a cop car pulled up. He parked his car and asked Steve, the only black guy in our group, what he was doing and why he was there. One of us spoke up for him and said that we were just playing pokemon. The officer then said that he was investigating because someone complained that there was a suspicious person wearing a hoodie and shorts who was loitering and going door-to-door. Another one of us told the officer that Steve wasn't going door-to-door, and that he and the rest of us would only be there for a while to catch pokemon.

The officer left, but before we defeated Suicune, Steve thanked us for standing up for him. At least three of us also matched the officer's description (hoodie and shorts), but none of us were even questioned or looked at suspiciously. He said that with all of the controversy regarding racism and Black Lives Matter, he was just glad that he didn't end up beaten, shot, and/or in the back of the patrol car.

So, out of the original 151 pokemon, I'm now down to just Farfetch'd (only available in Asia), Mewtwo (requires lots of luck and/or gameplay time), and Mew (not released yet). 148 caught, 3 to go....
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