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Originally Posted by storm5510 View Post
In Options > Preferences, I have the number of backup files set to 3. The first will have no file extension, the second will have, ".bu," and the third is, ".bu2."

I've been running the various versions since 2009 and this is the first time this has happened. Sometimes, these machines do very strange things. I can live with this.

If this ever happens again and Prime95 did not autorecover the backup files I would:
1) Stop Prime95 and check Task Manager (on the "Processes tab" in Win7 or "details" tab in Windows 10) that no prime95.exe is still running)
2) Move the savefile without lastname out of the Prime95 folder, lets say its called "p81N3639"
3) copy p81N3639.bu to p81N3639
4) start Prime95 again and see if it started from the 2nd to last backup spot. (What is the default time between backups?)
5) If it did not work: Delete p81N3639
6) copy p81N3639.bu2 to p81N3639
7) Start Prime95 again and see if it started the 3rd to last backup successfully.

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