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Originally Posted by storm5510 View Post
M54711067 from MadPoo's original list gifted a major headache yesterday evening. There was a power outage. What are the odds that Prime95 would have been writing its backup files at the same instant as the outage? Astronomical, if I had to guess. Prime95 was at 53% of the test.

After power restoration, Prme95 began at the start and not where it previously was.

You should add this to your prime.txt:

Then it always has 2 files, one without any last name and one called .bu for example:
Where p04N4353 is the newest backup and p04N4353.bu the oldest. So if the primary backup file does not work, you can remove .bu from the other one and continue from the one earlier backup.

If you want even more "security" you can add: InterimFiles=5000000 or InterimFiles=10000000. Then it will save additional backup file every 5M or 10M iterations (or whatever you choose) called .001, .002, .003 and so on, and you can again remove the last name to restart from one of those "checkpoints". Note that these files are not removed automagically when the exponent is done, so they will pile up in the folder over time.

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