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Originally Posted by glennpat View Post
I'll bring 16 cores and I can be there for the test run.
OK, great Glenn. Bruce, do you know how many cores you'll be bringing to the rally? So far we have 43 cores committed that I've counted.

In case anyone missed it, I'd like for us to run a stress test on Adam's server from 10-11 PM GMT on Thurs. night. (5-6 PM CDT and 6-7 PM EDT in the U.S.) Please focus your rally machines on port 300 at that time.

If we have problems with the stress test, I think we could bring in Ironbits to add a temporary server and a couple of the bigger crunchers only could run on that one for the rally. That or whatever it takes to make things runs smoothly.

I'm crossing my fingers that we can run upwards of 100 cores with no problems for 48 hours!

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