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Originally Posted by Mini-Geek View Post
Hm, that sounds like a different something with the software/OS, not the hardware. I built this machine, so it's possible that I wired something from the front panel wrong and that's the problem, but I don't see what I could've done wrong that would make touching the metal (not fully plugging in, just touching) act like I hit the reset button (and, no, it's not accidentally pressing the power or reset buttons).
Aha, that might be it--I can imagine how it might think you hit the reset button when you plug in a USB stick, if somehow the USB connector on the motherboard is shorting the two pins of the reset button together. That would also explain why the reset button doesn't work.

Maybe you could try taking the front panel USB connector and switching it to a different internal-USB connector on the motherboard? (one that's farther away from the reset button connector)

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