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Originally Posted by gd_barnes View Post
It's time for another LLRnet rally on port 300!

What does everyone think of running one for 48 hours this weekend from Friday May 23rd at 7 PM GMT to Sunday May 25th at 7 PM GMT?

Adam and Anon, this would be 2 PM CDT and 3 PM EDT. Do you see a problem starting the rally mid-afternoon U.S. on a weekday?

If we do one, can everyone report how many cores they will be bringing?I'd also like to suggest that we run a test the day before the rally. Can everyone run their rally cores for ~1 hour, perhaps from 10-11 PM GMT on Thurs May 22nd. Hopefully everyone would be home from work in the U.S. and people won't yet be in bed in Europe at that time.

I'm going to bring ~18 cores this time around and we'll probably want to run a test to see if Adam's server can handle the load. I know we have a new searcher or two since the last rally so this is a precaution more than anything since we got burned on our 2nd rally.

Sounds fine as far as I'm concerned. I know I definitely won't be out of town those days, and I should be home most of the time.

As for any difficulties starting the rally in the mid-afternoon on a weekday: I don't think it will be a big deal. If anyone won't be able to access their machines at the time of the beginning of the rally, I recommend that they get them going on port 300 a little bit ahead of time--not only will this ensure that the machines don't miss any of the rally, it will also help out with our pre-rally server stress test a bit.

I plan on bringing both cores of my Core 2 Duo (2.2Ghz) to the rally, as usual, and I might have a 1Ghz P3 helping out for part of the rally (though it crunches so slowly that its load on the server is minimal and thus I won't bother with it for the pre-rally server load test).

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