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Prime95 can now generate proofs. Can't upload them or verify them, but it is a start.

Some interesting data and a decision to be made.

For a 100Mbit number, the optimal proof power is 10. Requiring proof generator and verifier do 182K squarings. Temporary disk space is 12.8GB. Proof file size is 138MB.

The power=9 proof is almost as good at 239K squarings, disk space 6.4GB, proof file size is 125MB. The difference of 57K squarings is only 0.06% the cost of a full PRP test.

What about power=8? 413K squarings, disk space 3.2GB, proof file size is 113MB. The 231K extra squarings is 0.23% of a PRP test.

So the question is what should be prime95's default setting? The optimize-to-the-max in me says default should be power=9. The minimal-impact-on-average-user in me says go with power=8 default.

I think the biggest impact on the average user is the disk space consumed. Power=8 will result in less proofs lost due to disk full errors. The cost is just 0.17% of a PRP test.

I think the preferences dialog box needs a "Max disk space each worker can use" setting. From that I can derive the best power setting, but most users will never change this preference so the question just morphs into what the default for the max GB of disk should be,

NOTE: As exponents increase, squarings, disk space, and proof size increase roughly linearly.

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