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Originally Posted by Mark Rose View Post
So 10000 results per day would cost a couple dollars. Transferring to the EC2 instances is free.

Storage costs get expensive overtime. If each result is 100 MB, that's about 1 TB per day. A trivial amount of bandwidth to handle on AWS, but that will soon cost huge money: even using the Infrequent Access Tier of S3 Intelligent Tiering, each month would generate ~$400/month/month in expenses. Even cheaper alternatives like BackBlaze B2 would get expensive quickly. So holding on to the results long-term may not be feasible.
Two questions on the rough costing.
1) George has stated an expected proof size of 150MB, and IIRC that it depends on exponent so will increase as exponents do. That's a small increase. Is 100MB used for simplicity or some other reason?

2) What is the basis of costing for a daily volume of 10,000, while the past 6 months has run 988/day or less and is trending downward (recent peak 729)? As an engineer I'm a believer in reserve capacity, but only to a moderate level.
After full deployment and conversion and completion of processing of leftover DC work, and ignoring the few percent that goes into verification, the processing capacity that had been going to DC can also go toward PRP first tests, but will only increase the test rate (and therefore the proof rate) by ~20-30%.

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