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Couple days ago finally moved the beast into its permanent home, a pair of 4"-high glass-top monitor stands, bottom one flipped upside down and foot-bottoms epoxied together to make an 8"-high air gap, test-frame holding best sits on bottom glass, monitor on top, looks great, but air now constrained to escape out sides and front, upward and back are blocked. On top of that we were in midst of a 4-day heat wave, so that required me to up all the GPU fan settings, downclock the middle GPU further to sclk = 2 (which incurs a major 15% perfromance hit), and also blowing a tower fan (same one I use to keep cool @my desk) at the unit in this heat. In the meantime ordered a compact high-CFM Honeywell desktop fan, a corded one, not one of those wimpy USB fans which cost just as much and blow less than 1/10th as much air. That arrived yesterday and now sits just at the left end of the Glass House and blow air sideways across the hardware. To make room for it on my desk, I moved the cellphone charging station that had been in that spot under the left end of the glass enclosure as shown, the square USB fan that had been colling that is no longer needed, and the much-more-powerful airflow from the new fan cut all my Mlucas runtimes on those phones by ~10%.

The fan makes a massive difference in terms of GPU cooling - was able to cut the GPU fan settings across the board, and the net effect is much quieter. Hot weather gone at last as of yesterday evening, revealing one more plus from the new arrangement - next time we have a heat wave, I won't need to fiddle the individual GPU fan settings upward, I'll just click the knob on the desk fan from its current '1' (minimum) setting up to '2', where I had it during the last of the heat yesterday. And best of all, I finally have some semblance of my desktop back!
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