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I found something a bit distressing after doing some web browsing about the HP Z220, which will be here tomorrow. The power supply is 400 watt and it is proprietary. It does not conform to the ATX standard. The size is smaller and the mounting is different. The motherboard connector is also much smaller. The processor is is not proprietary, but I don't know about the RAM modules.

I did some power consumption tests with my 'Kill A Watt" meter. In case no one here has seen one, I have attached a photo below. Anyway, Prime95 on this old system draws an additional 41 watts above the idle load when running a torture-test. mfaktc (x64) pulls 28 watts when the GPU is up to temperature. I know the Prime95 TT load will jump quite a bit with an i5 quad running at 3.4 GHz.

My primary concern here is to be able to run what I need and not over-tax the PSU. These PSU's are no longer produced. However, I located a source for a used replacement, if needed. Also, I will reorder another GTX-750ti card. henryzz stated in another post that the wattage load on this card is about double what the GT-610 I have now uses.

There are other options: I have a spotless Dell 3000 case here which belonged to my niece. I could get an LGA 1155 motherboard and put it all in that. Then move the 550W PSU in this Asus. In my nearly 30 years of computer usage, I have never lost a power supply. I will just have to go along with it and see what happens...
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