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I've been sporadically benchmarking certain msieve polynomial searches. These are my best results to date.
The former can be factored with an appropriate polynomial but the latter is prohibitive due to memory even with a good poly.
The utility of the 199 and 298 digit values is that they can "theoretically" be used to factor their respective RSA numbers.
Does anyone have a better poly or an Aurifeuillian method?

Is there CUDA code that can solve the simple quadratic equation and handle hundreds of thousands digits using gpu's with cc 2.0 -> cc 5.2?
There is a lot of related pseudo code published but nothing specific that I could find. A pointer to implemented code somewhere would help (provided it's open).

As an aside, has anyone encountered a good paper on "white holes (any language)?" Laser induced artificial black holes have been demonstrated but I have not seen much on the converse.
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