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Default My bad....I hope theses instuctions are clear and correct...

To join this team:

On your GIMPS Account page:
just a couple lines above "Stats for the last 365 days" you will see:

Team affiliation:  <could be blank or none or the team you are currently a member of>      change teams
In no way do I intend to loot other teams; so if you are currently a member of another team do not in any way feel compelled to change.

However, if you are NOT a member of a team and are interested: please click the "change teams" link and search for "More Power!!!"
Or maybe if you are not already a team member the link might be "join a team" ... sorry I can't tell since I am a member of a team.

Click the "Join" icon on the right side of the team name.

And thanks in advance.
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