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Originally Posted by Dubslow View Post
Should the Progress column go before or after the Class or Last Updated columns?
I decided I was more interested in trying out some new Python ideas than waiting for an answer, so I made my own decision.

The new column prints either the delta-index if it's greater than zero, or else it prints the (approximate) date of last progress.

There were also a number of significant behind the scenes changes. With the help of some Python black magic, rearranging the columns should be much less work from now on.

Additionally, when I initially added the links, they were "hardcoded" into the table data -- causing an undesirable 3x increase in the size of the data. I undid that, and instead used another of the many (many) API functions of DataTables to render the links on the fly.

By the time most of you read this, the Recent Progress column will have appeared on the stats page.

Edit: @Henry: Initial counts show that 110/275, or (exactly) 40% of the seqs had been extended, and 97 of those, aka almost all of the 110, had been extended by 4 lines or less. I suspect we can thank yafu@home for that. I also suspect that checking the recent line before the actual seq might increase load. I guess I'll wait to collect more data, and of course I'll reconsider if/when yafu@home reaches its goal.

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