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Originally Posted by Mathew View Post
I think the time is not needed for last progressed. I think the columns should go before the reservation column.
Should the Progress column go before or after the Class or Last Updated columns?
Originally Posted by LaurV View Post
more nitpicking:
- heads of the table do not scale with the firefox window. If I resize the window left-right, the columns go in the weeds.
The <div> containing the table has width set up at 90%, and presumably the JS uses the size of the div to set column widths. I think it's possible to fix, but it'd be at the low end of my list.
Originally Posted by LaurV View Post
-vertical white space added at the end of the page, after the table. 2-3 rows would be enough. Usually other pages have there some row with copyright, thanks to, other bla bla, done with php message, but even two blank rows would suffice. As it is now, looks like the table is saw-cut by the lower edge of my monitor.
Will fix.
Originally Posted by LaurV View Post
- vertical scrollbar for statistic tables, specially the one in the middle (the stat page). C'mon! you won't push me to scroll down all the firefox window to read the info in the mid-table, then come back up to read the other table, and so on... I may want to consult all of them in the same time
Blarg... the stats page uses the same JS as PrimeNet does, which is good for me because it's "plug and play". The JS for the main table is way different and way harder to use... once everything else is done (besides the column widths) I'll change the JS to the fancier one.
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