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Originally Posted by kruoli View Post
Do you have cosmos caudatus by chance? We have troubles here to get seeds from them because they bloom so late in the year. But having it as a salad is great!
Cosmos caudatus? Never heard of it. <google google>

Hmm. I may have had one - and purely by chance - last year. I had Diablo, Bright Lights, Picotee and Sensation Cosmos. But there was this one Cosmos plant that just kept getting bigger, growing more and more foliage, and no hint of a flower bud. It was almost like a small shrub. I finally had to yank it because it got so big it was getting in my way.

There was an identical specimen among some extra Cosmos that got put in a neighbor's yard, along with some other annuals, to fill in the patch where a street tree had been removed the year before, and the stump ground out. Long after I'd yanked the one from my garden - well into Fall IIRC - that bushy Cosmos finally bloomed. The flowers weren't very big. I don't even remember what color they were.

I would say that Cosmos caudatus is a likely suspect. Perhaps some of its seeds got into the packets of other varieties of Cosmos by mistake.
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