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After mainly cloudy, dreary, chilly weather more like late Winter than early to mid-Spring lasting through the first week of May, we went straight to Summer - temperatures in the upper 80's to over 90 F (low 30's C).

Plants grew explosively. Including, of course, weeds. But during the hot weather it stayed fairly dry. I was having to water newly planted seeds and seedlings. Plant growth slowed. Except for my Irises, which were forced by the hot weather - they bloomed and most if them faded very quickly.

But Friday night through yesterday we got a good soaking rain, and the thirsty plants perked right up and are growing like crazy. It's going to be cool in the next several days, with more rain during the week.

In my back yard, the two Common Milkweed plants I had bought and the few I had transplanted from my front yard to my back yard a couple of years ago have become three sizable colonies, which may soon merge. I should see plenty of Monarch butterflies this year!

It is because of Common Milkweed's spreading habit that I have to eliminate the colony that formed from the single plant I put in my front yard 3 years ago. I did have a taker for some. There's no way I can dig it all out, so I am simply poisoning new shoots as I find them.

I planted some of ornamentals from seeds I saved last year - two varieties of Cosmos, and Flowering Tobacco. Some of the Cosmos I grew last year dropped seeds, so I have volunteer Cosmos also. I also have volunteer poppies, Calendula, Moss Roses, and Trailing Petunias. I put in some already-started Zinnias and Cosmos too.

My peppers are in and starting to grow well. I am expanding my herb garden. I have put in some more prairie plants.

My Prairie Columbine is blooming, and the hummingbirds are feeding on it.

My perennial Western wildflowers have buds, almost a month earlier than usual.

My peony is blooming, a week earlier than usual.

My sunflower patch on the verge (between the sidewalk and the street) is doing well.
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