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Personally I'm more into fruiting trees and shrubs. My wife does the gardening. I have had a difficult time getting black mulberry to grow here. I'm in zone 5, so it should survive the winters, but it has never done much. One tree died a couple of years ago, but never grew above 4 feet in height. I have two now. I'll know in May if they survived. White mulberry is invasive, so I won't touch it.

I have also tried high bush blueberries, but they don't like my soil either. I know that both of these like very acidic soil, but the soil here is not that acidic. Even though I've added stuff to bring up the acid level in the soil, that hasn't helped.

Although we have had good luck with red raspberries and thornless blackberries, black raspberries have been a challenge. They are growing along the tree line, but not spreading much. We forage for them in July in public parks.

I would like to plant a black walnut, but my wife is strongly against that because they drop a lot of sap. Fortunately there are many places to pick up black walnuts in fall.
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