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Sheep I don't think anyone ever has to apologize for reserving too much! Also the amount of work for scoring and managing the factors is not all that great. Takes quite a few minutes certainly but I'm sure your CPU time donation is well worth the personal time offset.

If you want my advice on range sizes...

Sieve a range is not something that needs to be done quickly after a reservation is made. In addition if one reserves a large chunk and sits on it for a month or two it doesn't really hurt the project either, especially if it's inadvance of the current reservations and you actually do complete the range.

So my advice would be, reserve about a months worth per CPU as one range, IMHO one month is actually a midsize reservation time wise.

That would be about 1000G for either processor... speeds are not all that different probably take between 4-6 weeks. I don't think anyone would complain if you reserved something like...


That would give you 1000G per processor.

Any other suggestions or comments from others???
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