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Originally Posted by ChristianB View Post
I confirmed this is actually the case. Replacing the tab with spaces will fix it but will change the output in the log file and the elf file. It needs to be replaced for screen output only. I'll come up with something.
I'll try to see if I can come up with a "real" idea (as opposed to my quick fix) too.

BTW, I edited my "How I..." thread to point to your GitHub version. That way I could take out the "factordb" edit, as you've already incorporated that change. I did have to rewrite a bit of extra description, due to noticing Aliqueit needs specific instruction (-i...) to begin a sequence now, rather than just providing a base number. I will have to keep that in mind.

There is one thing I'd like to address at some point, unless you already know: If I'm using -y to let YAFU perform all the external factoring, I can't get Aliqueit to stop once it's under way. If I use CTRL-C, YAFU interrupts, but Aliqueit just steps into another iteration. If I force the terminal to close, Aliqueit/YAFU just keeps going in the background. Even if I close YAFU via pkill or by kill PID, it gets started right back up with a new PID. I've been having to reboot the computer to kill everything. Any ideas?

Thanks for taking up the work on this.
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