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I noticed your 1.13 had the factordb correction already and the third item* in my list was not intended to be a fix. must take care of the b2scale issue now. When I first encountered it it was crashing due to GMP-ECM having removed b2scale quite some time ago.

I'm using ecmpi (called by a bash script) instead of and have run into an issue. ecmpi does not recognize "-one," so it continues past the first factor to try to complete the factoring if possible. But, Aliqueit only finds one factor no matter how many are returned. I'm not sure if this is trouble with my conversion or if Aliqueit is only looking for one factor, since it sent "-one" out.

I thought I saw somewhere in the code comments a mention about this. But, it may not have been for ECM.

As mentioned earlier in this thread, Aliqueit duplicates ECM work if any factors are returned, but they don't complete the factorization for that line. I'm not sure if addressing the previous item will minimize that.

* I think but haven't confirmed that the bleed through is due to a tab being used to separate the index and the rest of the line. Could the fix is as simple as replacing a tab character with 3 spaces in some printf statements?
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