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Posting the code diffs here works for me too.
The first edit for the factordb URL is already present in my version 1.13.

The second edit seems only to be needed for a newer version of I checked and my is still version 0.34 which still has the B2scale option. I'm going to incorporate the changes in the new version so that aliqueit works with the current

The third edit I will need to investigate and maybe find a more suitable solution to fix the bleedthrough.

The following changes are already present in my version 1.13:
* update aliqueit to use latest versions of tools (except full yafu support)
* stop aliqueit with a message if yafu/gnfs/qs couldn't find a poly or failed in some other way (config option stop_on_failure)
* save incomplete line to file in case max_cofactor is reached
* update factordb URL
* add a mode to verify terminations and mergers when called from another script (config option verify_terminations)
* check first 8 mersenne primes in trial factoring step

Some of those were needed to implement the merge detection and verification of terminations for the blue page some (mersenne primes) were requested in this forum.

The next version is currently in the master branch and contains this change:
* try factors from previous index on next one

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