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Originally Posted by kriesel View Post
Brazil, Mexico, US, India lead the world in Covid19 death rates. Iraq ramping up quickly, recently at 100 deaths/day.
Brazil has been consistently around 1000/day for over a month
It's also useful - and jaw-dropping - to compare state-by-state within the US - NY got hit hardest early but has since dramatically curbed the spread, whereas various freedom-lovin' states, including my own of CA, "reopened their economies" way too early and now are seeing absolutely exploding case counts:

[The above used this site's visualization tool, based on the Johns Hopkins CSSE data.]

Related article from The Atlantic: The Week America Lost Control of the Pandemic - notes the worst-resurgence states are all in the Sun Belt, thus putting the lie to the "Vitamin D is protective against infection" meme, which was one of the many such as noted by a1call in his above post.

Doing a bit of quick mental math - say CA averages 10,000 new cases per day for the coming year, that would mean 10% of the state's population infect by this time next year, and that is *confirmed* cases, i.e. would like understate the true case count by at least a factor of 2. I believe "disaster" is the word we're looking for, absent a massive curbing of the current trend.

Compared to the above-charted Fab Five US states, Brazil looks like heaven! On a per-capita basis, its 'scary' 1000-new-cases-per day is around 1/30th that of California. Iraq, 100 new cases/day? Roughly 1.5% of CA's new-case rate.

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