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Originally Posted by kladner View Post
If I read correctly, my O+ type is more resistant to Covid-19 than others. Not that I'm going to go out partying in packed, shouting-at-each-other venues. Not that I did, anyway, for decades. I make the supply runs. Dan sometimes is not outside for two or three days. He laments how out of shape he is. I could do us both good by pushing for walks.
I wouldn't give much merits to any correlations between the simplistic ABO-Grouping and Covid-19 resistance or lack thereof. It is now known that blood groups are much more varied and complex.
For example Bombay-A Blood type which is rare, most common among people from Indian decent and present in 1 in every quarter-of-a-million Caucasians. It registers as an O-Blood type in the standard tests but its possessors can father children with type AB, which was considered impossible before its discovery.

Additionally there are (I believe) 16 variances of the simplistic ABO grouping (aside from the RH grouping).

ETA I have seen anything from Pink-Eye to Smoking (as a protective factor) correlated to Covid-19. I think all this is an indication of poor state of "science" of medicine at the present time. If they/we could have a better grasp of this disease it would not have infected more than 1 out of every 1000 people across the world in a matter of months despite our best effort at preventing its spread.

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