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Originally Posted by Prime95 View Post
Was this savings measured at the wall or using rocm-smi?

I'm try to replicate with less success. Rocm-smi shows 3% power reduction (from ~170 to ~165) with an unknown speed penalty (still measuring).

Perhaps the 20W savings you see are 5W from the Radeon plus 15W from the PSU being more efficient.

BTW, for anyone else thinking of replicating your setup a platinum power supply will likely pay for itself in a reasonable time frame.
At wall, using the brand of meter I linked in my final Bill of Materials. Also needs to be roughly time-averaged ... before the 1200->1150 mem-downclocking of cards 1 & 2, the meter had been showing wattages in a narrow (+- 5W most of the time, rarer +- 10W swings) band right around 800. After, similar narrow band centered at 760W.

I'm planning to lay in a backup PSU over next couple months, so any good deals in the 850-1100W/gold-platinum range people find online, please post here or PM me.

Coming weeks mini-projects are final stuff - homemade 3x80mm fan guard (the R7 fan holes are actually a smidge wider than that) for end-of-board card 2, and silicone-adhesive to glue the feet of the glass-topped monitor stands I bought. One thing I only realized after the latter arrived - I got both with smoke-color glass, black-painted on the underside ... should've got the top one sans the black paint, to allow the Lights of Vegas, erm I mean the R7 LEDs, to show through. I scraping a little at one of he corners of the black paint to see if it can be removed that way - you figure glass being so smooth any paint should come off pretty easily, but whatever they used is very tough, almost like black the anodization one sees on metal. Gonna pick up a small can of paint stripper tomorrow, again try a small dab in a corner, to see if that works. If not, ah well. (I know, vanity - sounding like a gamer who wants all his buds to ooh and aah over his new rig here. :)
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