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I have 2 Radeon VIIs that was purchased at the same time from the same vendor. I assume the cards came off different assembly lines since one of the memory is made by Samsung while the other by Hynix.

The Hynix card is able to hit 1600Mhz, 900mV, 1200MHz using only 150W with junction temperature consistently below 90C (indoor temperature 65F), while each PRP test rarely any errors. Meanwhile the Samsung card throws black screen whenever I set the memory clock above 1050MHz or gpu clock above 1500MHz. It almost always runs 5-10 degrees hotter and uses 5-10W more, under the same settings and always return 3-10 (sometimes over 20) errors.

Tried swapping their slots, rolling back to 19.4.2 or earlier drivers, using only one GPU at a time, experimented on both 9700k or 3700x. Nothing really changes. We probably just have to accept that some cards are just badly made compared to others I guess.

Maybe this samsung card is just a lemon, but I was surprised the Hynix card performed significantly better. I have sold the samsung card to a friend that only play games at a discounted price and he couldn't care less lol.
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