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Originally Posted by James Heinrich View Post
If you want to re-run that exponent on the same system but with v29.8b6 we'll give you two candies when it completes.
That is a bit unfair, to say it softer. I ran the test, it matched the first time residue, the We4 result is reproducible (I didn't tweak with it), you just have to put the result into the input of the checksum routine of the version I use, to see that you get the same We4, however the server won´t accept it, because you (general you referring to the gods of PrimeNet) broke the compatibility with the old versions, and now I have, first, to upgrade to a SLOWER version (ETA 6 days and 9 hours, as opposite to the 5 days and 4 hours, which is A LOT SLOWER), then second, run it AGAIN to obtain the JSON file? Just to report a DC which I KNOW is right, and which there is some probability that the server won't accept it again, no matter what file I report, because it comes from the same user?

Be my guest...

I will shot three holes through my monitor before that...

Well... as you probably guessed from the percents I gave above, I installed the 29.8b6 and I started another run, 2.6% done, 6 days and about 9 hours to go... What the hack, it is curfew...

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