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Another thing that is still happening (and we used to take advantage of it in the past) is the following: you go to manual assignment for GPU page and take few high-exponent assignments, where you select the last bit to be 72 or 73, and the range over 400M (where there still are assignments available for this low bitlevel). You click the button, and get a list of as many expos you requested, but they are not to 72, they are "upgraded" by the server to be 75, or 76. Well, nothing wrong with it, gpu72 also does that, if you let "it" decide, the last bit will be raised to the "optimal" level.

But now, you close the manual assignment page, without adding any work to your cards, and go again to account/my assignments and ask for the assignments you have. The server will say "you have these assignments already:" and give you the list.

But... BUT! In the list of assignment you get now they are all to 72 (or how much you requested) and NOT to the "inflated" values. You can grab and paste THIS list to your cards, work on them, and NOT to the inflated expos, and you just got low hanging fruits.

As the server is set now (with this "bug/feature") it is in fact recommended to do so! Because, if you use Misfit, for example, and automatically report each bitlevel as soon as you finish it, then the assignment is "gone" after your first report. Then, if you continue, as per the inflated list, i.e. continue to TF to the levels PrimeNet gave you initially, then you WILL end up doing the higher bitlevel in the same time somebody else is getting them assigned and working them (you or the other user will get error 40 upon completion of the higher bitlevels). That is because the assignment, as said, is gone when misfit first reports the low bitlevel.

Moral is that after you request assignments from PrimeNet using the manual form, you should every time go to the "my assignments" and check what you really GOT. And work on that. The initial grab list (the inflated one) is not to be trusted. Maybe that's why some users who got manual assignments got "work not needed", and not because of poaching.

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