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Originally Posted by LaurV View Post
Joking apart, I think it is a mistake, "somebody" opened a door for them to be able to get lots of assignments, and forgot to close it properly. Even if you want to do more bitlevels, it makes no sense to do more assignments for the same expo. Either reserve it "from 72 to 77", or just reserve it "from 72 to 73" but do not return the results until you finish with it. Creating one assignment for every bit would be silly. I think it is an error, which will be fixed soon.
That's why I raised the observation...

Aaron has said before that the Primenet database doesn't have a bit-map for TF bit-levels. And, therefore, it can cause problems if TF'ing is reported out-of-order. As in, as you said, if you're going to go to 77, go 77 in one step (or multiple, but in order).
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