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Originally Posted by garambois View Post
We're only interested in sequences that remain open. For the sequences that terminate, the work is finished.
But on my C80 page, it is possible that an open sequence <3,000,000 has meanwhile merged with a smaller one, since I only update the page once a year...
It is therefore preferable to check (on this page : that the merging sequence itself has not also merged with a smaller sequence over the past year.
I think my script can identify mergers by itself in the background of a running machine. I have it running right now at a rate of ~900 sequences per hour on one of my RPi machines. It should finish the AllSeq listing in around 31 hours, if the db does not have any issue with my checks. Actually, I shouldn't find any mergers though, since there has already been work done to eliminate them from the listing.
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